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The PR gals from Nintendo must be arching their backs and twitching with delight, at the sight of another BIG, round number to spice up their communiques. 20 million units - that's the latest figure announced by the company (via, representing the number of Wii consoles sold in the United States as of May 2009.

Some 244,000 units were swooped off the shelves last month, which is still a decent figure despite the console's more solid average of 645,000 units sold / month since its November 2006 debut in the territory. Confident - if not outright cocky - about their retail superiority, Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway (executive vice president of sales and marketing) indulged herself in a subtly mocking comment with regard to Microsoft and Sony's motion-sensing technologies announced at E3 last week:
"The continued enthusiastic consumer response to our products shows that Nintendo has something for everyone. (...) For Nintendo, precision motion controls and social gaming are realities today."

Add to that the roughly 8 million Wiis sold in Japan, plus way over 20 million elsewhere, and you get 50+ million Wii consoles sold worldwide since launch. So yeah, I'd say that the Wii still kicks ass. If only more of its games would, too...
Ever wanted an all-in-one game engine for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DX9/DX10 PC games and MMOs alike? And had a crapload of money to spend on it? Well I guess the second part may be a bit tricky, so just for the sake of curiosity, the devs from Crytek will be introducing their new CryENGINE 3 game development solution at this year's GDC Expo (March 25-27) in San Francisco.

The package advertised in Crytek's announcement includes the CryENGINE 3Sandbox level editor - a 3rd generation "What you see is what you play" (WYSIWYP) tool designed by and for professional developers - and significant new features specifically designed for (...)

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Whether or not Core Design's classic franchise needs a "reboot" has been argued for what seems like - and quite possibly is - a decade. Ever since their 1996 debut, the Tomb Raider games have been marching down the same path, pretty much, and I for one am not among those complaining. Sure, they weren't all that great, but at least Eidos was stubborn enough to stay the course, even after handing the development over to Crystal Dynamics.

But things are about to change in the life of Lara Croft, big time! According to Hollywood Reporter, the whole Tomb Raider franchise - games and movies alike - is getting a major revamp. Warners Bros. and producer Dan Lin are said to be "in early development on a reboot of Tomb Raider", very much unlike the original. And with no more Angelina Jolie in the next movie, by the way. (...)

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After leaving his trademark on the gaming industry via the Ultima series (and also producing Tabula Rasa), Richard Garriot has sent an open letter to the said MMO's community, informing the fans of his plans to leave NCsoft in the near future. Why, or where, it still remains an unknown issue to us, but the certain thing is that it has something to do with his recent voyage into outer space. Or outer limits.

Hopefully, his plans will still involve gaming, since this guy is one of the bastards I will always remember, from childhood until now. May luck shine upon you whatever you do, Lord British, even if you have discovered a race of horny Japanese teenage girls and you don't want to share it. Click further for the letter:  (...)

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If you happen to be playing MMOs, then you also live in fear of the constant General spam, Whisper spam, Mail spam and various other kinds of spam regarding in-game money selling. I am (but, hopefully, used to be) a World of Warcraft player myself, and if I were to count all those messages I've got involving “PLX BUY OUR GOLDZ!” or “WWW.GAYSITE.COM SELLZ BEST!”, I would probably be losing (another) 4 years of my life.

And we also know that most gold farmers are “Chinese”. So we gank them. A lot. Well, the Chinese government has actually found a way to gang them in real life also, by collecting a 20% tax on all revenues from the redistribution of online, virtual currency. And why not? The market so far is growing, has still great potential, it it suffers from no taxes (until now) and it is a pain in the large asses of decent players who try to play a game without suffering insane, buffed, AH prices.

The Wall Street Journal has more on this.
So, the much anticipated, awaited and already hacked Nintendo Dsi has been released in Japan this Saturday. Nintendo, being a wary company (even in the Motherland) has only thrown on the market a number of 200.000 units, just to see how it goes.

Well, it went extremely well, it seems, all the handhelds have been sold in a heartbeat. Just like a pantsu sale in Akihabara would go, actually. According to various websites that reviewed the product, both the image editing software and the browsing are a bit meh (which, eventually, will be fixed through updates, we hope), but both these features have great potential when it comes to future video games. How, we shall wait and see.

To fully make us wet in the pants, Nintendo also announced that it will launch a set of downloadable WarioWare games to fully demonstrate the console's capabilities in the near future. Sadly, both the American and European customers will have to wait for a regional release, since, you know, Japan is the only thing that matters.

I will be eagerly awaiting my pink Nintendo Dsi next summer, so I can chase little girls with it in the bus station. Thanks, Slashdot
If I would be in the pants of the US military (not “in the pants” as in “in the pants of a Japanese high school girl”), and if I was to make a top ten of the most desired equipment to use on the field, this, somehow, would have made the list.

No less than 1.6 million USD were the bait for this project, a project in which some scientists from UCSD (I have absolutely no idea what that abbreviation stands for, I admit) must create a Gordon Freeman HEV suit. Yes, you’ve heard me right. A suit that comes complete with a system that monitors any life activity, acting accordingly when things go bad, and giving you a pat on the back when things go right.

...well, it's not actually going to be named like that, but you can spot the similarities here and there.

You get a shot in the leg, the suit will administer you with the proper medicine. Basically, all the basic First Aid functions of a field medic (except putting you out of your misery when things go bad, but what are friends for). Combine this with everything else that the military has in mind, Hell, we’ll get a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. biosuit next, a Crysis whatever –it’s-called suit later, and only after that a complete loli outfit for those who really need it.

A Gizmodo scoop.
Richard Garriott is so damn good at what he does, that life on Earth is becoming incredibly boring. Tons of games produced: checked. Awesome ideas that revolutionized the gaming industry: checked. Tons o' money to spend mindlessly on various things: checked. And finally, spare time: checked.

So why bother staying here, on this God forsaken planet, when one such as our Lord British can just... take off into space? For a mere 30 million USD, Garriott is journeying beyond the stars (literally), into a 10-day boyscout trip to the International Space Station.

His father, Owen, who was also a spaceman in 1973 (at least, for 60 days), is supervising the whole thing from the mission control center, in Moscow. Right next to that vodka distillery.

Sony Japan is taking the fist steps into the PSP online business, announcing that all future first-party products made for this tiny, yet classy and incredible useful console (at least while you're waiting for your booze partners to join you in an all-night alcohol session), will be also available for download. UMD releases will still ship, of course.

This probably comes as a self-marketing thingie for the PSP Store extravaganza, which was also confirmed. So, if you have a store, you are bound to have some games to fill that store. Or something. According to, the first downloadable titles will be something alongside Secret Agent Clank, Patapon 2 and LocoRoco 2.

Japan only so far, though my bet is that a European and a North-American follow-up is soon to follow.
I somehow missed this yesterday, for various reasons. Mainly because of a bottle of vodka and some porn movie in the background. Still, it might prove useful for some - YouTube, the almighty, Google-owned “watch illegal anime episodes here” website, is shaking hands with Amazon and iTunes, providing users with the godlike ability to purchase games, songs, and various other things while watching streamed videos.

It's simple, really. Let's say you are casually browsing the web in search for that oh-so-hot new video of your favorite band. Or for that new trailer you were waiting for. Going to YouTube, you will have a link there (somewhere) that will link you to the respective product on Amazon - if available. Obviously, money gained this way by said companies will be shared and devoured like a fresh, juicy, ichigo pie.

Google has also launched its betatest for the in-game advertising software, based on Adsense. I guess most of us were expecting this:
"Google is initially targeting the sweet spot for its technology: games based in Adobe's Flash platform and which run in a web browser with no download. Google's advertisers can use the software to insert ads into games or videos for YouTube, making the ads more versatile. Developers of games can use Flash software development kits to designate the points in a game that make an 'ad request'."

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