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Since Blizzard said a bing no-no to the idea of creating (or porting) a MMO to consoles, Turbine took up the flag and announced, recently, its intentions to explore this yet... unexplored market, to establish a stronghold in this virgin land, where the hands of human beings have yet to set foot on. Turbine has a fair and decent history regarding MMOs, with its Lord of the Rings Online still living and breathing (and, in my humble opinion, the second best MMO out there), so chances are that they will not screw things up.

More details about this are said to come early next year, but do remember that Turbine has the license to create Tolkien-based MMOs until 2012, with the possibility of extending this deadline until 2017. If this was not enough (and we all know nothing is ever enough, except maybe the beating we took when we were kids), Turbine is working on a technology that allows players to create self evolving worlds, as in self-made content. Interesting concept for a MMO, we are eager to see how well it is implemented without completely ruining the game balance.

MMO players can be divided into two categories: the ones who play World of Warcraft and the ones who WILL play World of Warcraft sooner or later. A sad fact it may be, but it seems that the only way to actually quit playing Blizzard's massive milk cow is to quit playing MMOs alltogether. Just like I did.

During a recent earnings report, Blizzard's president Mike Morhaime has shown us a few very uninteresting numbers, also mentioning that, unlike some enthusiasts may have predicted, large numbers of players that have “quit” WoW recently, in the light of would-be competitors like Age of Conan and Worhammer Online, are slowly, but steadily, renewing their WoW subscriptions. Because the other games just plain ol' suck.

So, according to him, 68% of those dumb enough to think Age of Conan will be a big hit are coming back to WoW with their tail between their legs, while 48% of those who listed Warhammer Online as reason for cancellation... are doing the same. See any pattern here? Because there is only one pattern. There is no way in Hell a MMO game can challenge WoW at this moment, and win.

There are only two options here: Either you are a Mortal Kombat insane individual, who still knows all the fatalities, animalities, brutalities and whateverities from Mortal Kombat 3, either you are one of those guys who dream about Cat Woman every night (and, strangely, wake up in the morning with this sticky fluid all over the place). There is no gray here. Just this, or that.

Fans of both universes will be happy to know that Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe has gone Gold today, as the game is all wrapped up and sent to manufacturers to do the job they are being payed for. Meaning, put the game in a box. Or various kinds of boxes. For once, here is a game that will actually be released as stated, on November 16 in the US of A, and November 21 in Europe.

Time to teach those gay superheroes a lesson. Thanks, Teh Shack.
If you happen to be playing MMOs, then you also live in fear of the constant General spam, Whisper spam, Mail spam and various other kinds of spam regarding in-game money selling. I am (but, hopefully, used to be) a World of Warcraft player myself, and if I were to count all those messages I've got involving “PLX BUY OUR GOLDZ!” or “WWW.GAYSITE.COM SELLZ BEST!”, I would probably be losing (another) 4 years of my life.

And we also know that most gold farmers are “Chinese”. So we gank them. A lot. Well, the Chinese government has actually found a way to gang them in real life also, by collecting a 20% tax on all revenues from the redistribution of online, virtual currency. And why not? The market so far is growing, has still great potential, it it suffers from no taxes (until now) and it is a pain in the large asses of decent players who try to play a game without suffering insane, buffed, AH prices.

The Wall Street Journal has more on this.
Either I’m spending too much time in-house, getting out of reach with people and understanding them less and less as they evolve (and I don’t), either some people have certain issues that need to be solved. Right away.

GenCon has a lot of cash, and, in the memory of Gary Gygax, the almighty ruler, creator, god and pretty much everything that involves Dungeons & Dragons, they wanted to donate some of it to Christian Children's Fund (which, it seems, it was his favorite charity dump pool). You know, that sort of non-profit organization that tends to children welfare.

All nice and dandy, a great gesture that shows respect to our little ones and for their future, only that… CCF refused the said donations in a blink of an eye. Reason? Because GenCon’s money (well, at least some of it) comes from gaming sales, especially D&D related sales.

This would, according to them, make CCF look like
“an endorser or supporter of a gaming convention, which CCF was not...we cannot lend our name to an event for which we have no involvement. This decision should in no way be interpreted as CCF holding an opinion on Mr. Gygax, gaming enthusiasts or the game Dungeons and Dragons."

Now please excuse me for saying this, but… what the fuck has saving children anything to do with Dungeons & Dragons? Hell, if Hitler would come offering me one million dollars that he made from selling Jewish-made soap, I would take it. And then spend it well. And please notice that my needs are nowhere compared to the needs of the 3rd world children. I don’t really know, to laugh, or to cry. Ah, well, I’d better wait for Hitler, maybe he will show up with my money.

Scoop tiem!
The ladies at Capcom are calmly wrapping up their files with this new release schedule, published on MCV, pointing out to some of their most anticipated franchises and their new “dates of birth”. Surprisingly, but not equally that certainly, it seems that Resident Evil 5 has somehow, through mischievous and dark rituals, found a way to the PC platform along side its console little sisters, and will be released in the same day, March, 13, 2009. I personally doubt this, or at least, I hope that they will give the eventual PC release more time for… polish. Remember the disaster called Resident Evil 4 on the PC? I bet you do.

In other news, and from the same press thing, the “next winter” release for Street Fighter 4 (PS3, X360) has magically become 27 February. Oh boy, I can’t wait for this one, really. The full release list is as follows:
Neopets Puzzle Adventure – Wii, DS, PC – January 23rd
Bionic Commando – PS3, 360, PC – February 13th
MotoGP Wii – Wii – February 20th
Street Fighter IV – PS3, 360, PC – February 20th
Dead Rising - Wii – February 27th
Resident Evil 5 – PS3, 360, PC – March 13th

I would like to note that Capcom previously denied rumors about a PC version of Street Fighter 4, although this list… lists it.
We all know that Hellgate: London was an incredible success. As in, it was an incredible success at FAILING in the biggest of ways possible. Flagship Studio went down the drain, and along with it, the rights for this would-be game came into the pockets of HanbitSoft. Well, more exactly, Hanbit owns the IP and the distribution rights outside US and EU (Namco still holds distribution rights in ze States).

Hanbit has been trying too hard to keep this game alive (it's like trying to keep a 120 years old senior alive using medical equipment from WW II), so they announced an expansion, also testing the grounds for a possibility for it to be launched in US. Namco said "go fuck yourselves, take your shit elsewhere".

And, if that was not enough, Namco plans to shut down all Hellgate London servers in the US and EU early next year. For good (and thank God). What a joke way to end this joke of a game. Thanks Shack for the scoop.
And, since we are still lurking like (greater) shadows in the realms of Turn-Based Strategy, it is probably worth to mention Elemental: War of Magic, an incoming game from Stardock. When I say "incoming", I mean "incoming so far away, that we will probably forget about it".

We will most likely get the hands on this fantasy game not earlier than the beginning of 2010, with a public beta to start in June 2009. As usual with Stardock games, players will be able to use impulse for the game download, and beta testers will be able to give feedback, and even do some creative work in-game via the modding tools provided.

Some more screenshots here.
If you were anything like us (which, I hope for your sake, you are not), you would be extremely aroused to hear that the infamous King's Bounty, the TBS/RPG/Adventure/Thing from Katauri is about to receive an expansion.

For starters, let's just say that King's Bounty is the king and queen of awesomeness since Heroes 3 hit the shelves. Second, it is worth to mention (for all you lolicons out there), that this time around, you will spank Princess Amelie in a brand new (and possibly dangerous) land, called Teany, while she will do this, and that, and various other things (to herself, hopefully).

Although the official website is in Russian, I was able to steam up some of the features King's Bounty: Princess will hold (clickie to continue): (...)

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Up until several years ago, I would've shit my pants in excitement at the thought of a new Red Alert game. But now? Now here it is, and I couldn't possibly care any less about the way EA fucked up Westwood's legacy (as they did with plenty of other legacies). But hey, I figured there's still a few stubborn C&C fans out there, hanging on to their last shred of hope, as they hide among all those horny teenagers drooling over the hawt chicks pimped for the game's cinematics. So, for whatever it's worth, today marks the release shipping of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 to retail stores.

This longtime PC-exclusive strategy sub-series is making a bold - if not reckless - attept to conquer two power-platforms, as it launches on the PC and Xbox 360. The actual release will happen on October 30 for the PC in North America and Europe, and on November 11 for the Xbox 360. Originally there were also some suicidal plans for a PS3 version, but... not any more.

The third chapter comes precisely 8 years after Red Alert 2's release in 2000, which was expanded with Yuri's Revenge one year later. As for what Red Alert 3 brings to the table, we'll let EA do the talking. Update: We have the launch trailer as well, by the way. (...)

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