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Having teased the next game in the "Tales of..." franchise with a countdown website for the past three weeks or so, Namco Bandai has finally revealed that title to be Tales of Xillia 2 - a sequel to last year's fantasy RPG Tales of Xillia, likewise developed for the PlayStation 3. The announcement was made at today's 2012 "Tales of Festival" event in Yokohama, and with it came the all-in-one reveal & gameplay trailer.

Tales of Xillia 2

This will be the 14th major title in the Tales series, and it's currently planned for release in winter 2012 (a precise date will be announced on June 27). The story (...)

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We all know that Hellgate: London was an incredible success. As in, it was an incredible success at FAILING in the biggest of ways possible. Flagship Studio went down the drain, and along with it, the rights for this would-be game came into the pockets of HanbitSoft. Well, more exactly, Hanbit owns the IP and the distribution rights outside US and EU (Namco still holds distribution rights in ze States).

Hanbit has been trying too hard to keep this game alive (it's like trying to keep a 120 years old senior alive using medical equipment from WW II), so they announced an expansion, also testing the grounds for a possibility for it to be launched in US. Namco said "go fuck yourselves, take your shit elsewhere".

And, if that was not enough, Namco plans to shut down all Hellgate London servers in the US and EU early next year. For good (and thank God). What a joke way to end this joke of a game. Thanks Shack for the scoop.
Taking a cue from the hollywoodian habit of milking games from movies before they even premiere, the Japanese anime and gaming industries are coming together in the production of a Wii game based on the upcoming The Sky Crawlers animation film. The project was revealed in the pages of Famitsu (via Gamersyde), who say that the Wii game is being developed by the Namco Bandai team responsible for the Ace Combat series.

The only reason I give a damn is that the Sky Crawlers anime is directed by Mamoru Oshii, who made a name for himself by directing the Ghost in the Sell animation film and its sequel Innocence (among other anime and live-action stuff). It's based on a novel series which follows a group of young fighter pilots involved in dogfight warfare, during an alternate historical period, and it's animated by Production I.G. The film premieres on August 2 and, by the way, I lied: I don't really give a damn about the game.
Looks like I was spot-on last month, by suggesting a skiing game for that Wii Balance Board which Nintendo will be bundling with Wii Fit. Curiously, though, the new game announced today isn't called Wii Ski - but We Ski. The reason I'm hesitating to call it a "new" game is that this is, in fact, an older Namco Bandai project initially known as Family Ski. Along with the change of title, the dual publisher also said it would release We Ski during spring 2008, and revealed a few more gameplay details.

According to IGN's feet-on preview, the good news is that We Ski can be played entirely with the Wiimote and Nunchuk, but the bad news is that even if you will have a Balance Board, it can only be used in single-player mode - so no drunken balancing in multiplayer, boo!

More gameplay features after these screenshots.


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The rumour of Ace Combat 6 getting a PS3 version pales in significance, compared to the initial betrayal of the series' decade-old PlayStation legacy, by fraternizing with the Xbox 360. Nevertheless, less exciting topics are making the "news" these days, so I might as well fake some interest. So, as the story goes, the British PSM3 magazine published a feature titled "2008 Year of the PS3", which - as shown below - also happens to include Ace Combat 6. An honest mistake? I doubt it. A hazardous speculation? Could be. Anything official? Nope, not yet.

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