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Publisher 1C Company has just announced the development of IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, a new entry in this venerable combat flight simulator franchise, planned for an early 2014 release. The game is being developed by 777 Studios (makers of Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War), with whom they have formed a joint venture and a new studio named 1C Game Studios.

This venture brings two of the world's leading combat flight-simulation franchises and development teams together under one banner to form a new, dynamic team led by (...)

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Several years ago (back when we were still posting on this website), it would've been a fitting way to start an article about Star Wolves by writing how underrated it was, how unique of a space-RPG gameplay it offered. But by now, the same can hardly be said about its latest sequel, Star Wolves 3, anymore. Or maybe that's just my EVE Online addiction talking... Anyway, the Russian publisher 1C Company is pushing on with the series, and today announced an upcoming expansion pack called Star Wolves 3: Ashes of Victory.

Developed by the same vodka-drenched bunch from Elite Games Team, the expansion is currently set for a Q3 2010 release. Among its advertised features, there will be improved graphics, a large-scale scenario covering more than 110 solar systems, "thoroughly re-worked" tactical and role-playing systems (a hint at how terribly flawed said systems were in the first place?), new NPCs, new factions, new ships, weapons, equipment, (...)

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If you were anything like us (which, I hope for your sake, you are not), you would be extremely aroused to hear that the infamous King's Bounty, the TBS/RPG/Adventure/Thing from Katauri is about to receive an expansion.

For starters, let's just say that King's Bounty is the king and queen of awesomeness since Heroes 3 hit the shelves. Second, it is worth to mention (for all you lolicons out there), that this time around, you will spank Princess Amelie in a brand new (and possibly dangerous) land, called Teany, while she will do this, and that, and various other things (to herself, hopefully).

Although the official website is in Russian, I was able to steam up some of the features King's Bounty: Princess will hold (clickie to continue): (...)

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Long before there was Heroes of Might and Magic, there was a little game called King's Bounty - a strikingly similar turn-based strategy, that had also been created by the late New World Computing five years earlier, in 1990. Fast forward 18 years, and today we finally have the chance to see first-hand how the sequel King's Bounty: The Legend turned out, thanks to the demo version released by publisher 1C Company, hot off Katauri Interactive's work benches.

The FTP link that came with the press release is pretty useless right now, as it's being hammered down to a crawl, so you might want to try your regular download website of choice. Like WorthPlaying or something. The 700ish MB demo includes the first city in the game, all three character types, multiple quests and dozens of spells. Now if you'll pardon me... let's see what we have here.

Update: After 8 hours of playing the demo, all I can say is... win. Pure win!

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