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More stuff concerning Fallout 3 and it's soon-to-be Japanese release – and it doesn't look that good for our loli-loving friends out there. Especially not the ones who expected to enjoy he full gore compendium that is Fallout 3.

Several things will be missing, such as certain quests, or certain monsters (Ghouls come to mind), while the name of mobs and weapons have been... modified to respect Japan's rules in this area of expertise. Also, be prepared to experience less blood when you brutally convert an enemy into several little pieces of fresh meat.

I've always been a sucker for Collector's Edition, even if the game was excrushiatingly boring or incredibly stupid. (Hell, I even own a copy of Age of Conan CE, and that says a lot). Sacred 2 may not have been the best game to be released this year, but it certainly is an ok-ish hack & slash, with lots of places to go, thousands of little monsters to eviscerate and, last but not least, the crème a la crème of new generations, impressive graphics.

So of course I went a bit mad when I found out that Sacred's Collector's Edition will (or is) only available in North America, via online shopping monsters such as,, Future Shop or EB Games Canada. Because I want a copy too. For those interested, here's a quick summary of what this baby has to offer:
- An extra DVD containing the "Elite Texture Pack," a set of ultra-high resolution textures for users of high-end computers
- A code to unlock the Carrier Imp, a special "pet" that transports the player's treasure and additional inventory to its owner whenever summoned. A video of the Carrier Imp in action is available at the link below.
- A four-song music sampler from Nuclear Blast records, whose artist, Blind Guardian, is showcased in the game's soundtrack, and an exclusive audio interview with the band and the game’s developer, discussing their collaboration to feature the band in-game.
- A printed map of the world of Ancaria that doubles as poster
- An electronic version of the Sacred 2 "Art and Vision" booklet
THQ is a big publisher. One of the bigger ones, actually. Yet, it is no wonder their financial income si starting to drop fast, in the light of the recent global economic events. Hell, even EA dropped around 19% at the stock market, from what I recall. Alongside the decline in sales, THQ sadly announces that two of its future projects will be postponed until further notice. Uh, oh.

The first one is Darksiders: Wrath of War, a game intended for the next-gen consoles, which is developed by Vigil Games, while the second one, more important to use due to... different reasons involving massive multiplayer maches (in which I won all the time, obviously), is Red Faction: Guerrilla (Volition, PC, PS3, X360).

Both games where pushed back in THQ's next fiscal year (ending March 2010), and were scheduled to show their face in public until March 2009. Too bad.
You know how we, human beings, love to estimate stuff? It's natural. Most of us will try to assume just how many Laetitia Castas we will have sex with until the end of the year, other will estimate the time it takes them to rule the world and make this shitty planet a better place. Yeah, right.

Capcom does not aim that high (neither when it comes to fucking Laetitia Casta, nor when it comes to take over the world), they just like to think in advance and bask in the glory of what their future titles might be. Or better yet, how they will sell.

So, let's see... Their very own Nostradamus thinks that, for starters, Resident Evil 5 will total a 3.2 million copies sold when the game finally reaches the open market (March, 2009), while Street Fighter 4, a game which we await with extreme and dedicated interest, will sell about 1.7 million units. Bionic Commando is last in place, with only 1.5 million units sold.

Nice estimations. I personally hope they come true, since I am a Capcom fan myself. Ooops, I said it.

We will not tell you if this game is worth it or not as a game, but we WILL tell you that it sucks as a Fallout game. But hey, if money-hungry Bethesda wouldn't have stamped that “Fallout” thing in the title, it wouldn't have sold so much, that's for sure. A recent press release from the company reveals that this Action/FPS title, that some people wrongfully call a “RPG”, has so far been doing pretty good on the market (as expected), with over 4.7 million units shipped worldwide.

That is, for all platforms it has been released for. PC, X360 and PS3. Not bad, actually. But, as I said, expected. Ah well, blame the new “casual” generation, I'm pretty sure that most hardcore Fallout fans are now extremely pissed off. I know I am. Not at the game itself, because it looks good, moves good, it IS a good action game, but just seeing it being called Fallout for absolutely no reason makes me sad.

It seems that enthusiasts all over the world have to wait just a little bit more for Halo Wars, since Ensemble's X360 strategy game will be hitting the shelves in February 2009, according to Microsoft. Both in regular size and in enhanced, erected, Collector's Edition.

For those of you interested, the Collector's Edition will be, as usual, full of all kinds of stuff, both useful and useless, ranging from a Halo Wars: Genesis comic book from Graeme Devine, the game's lead designer, up until exclusive in-game shit, like a unique vehicle and a patch that allows you to start the game as a member of SOF. All this for “only” 79.99 USD.

Ensemble Studios, who are also responsible for that time consuming, brain eating and friend bashing Age of Empire series, will sadly be closing its gates after Halo Wars is up and running. I have no idea why, and I also already miss them, since they were a nice bunch of geeks.

In what we may call “the smartest move they have made in the recent years”, Ubisoft decided to cancel the production of its video game based on Heroes, NBC Universal's television series featuring several retards with super-powers, running mindlessly and lacking any acting capabilities.

According to the big-time publisher, the rights for the game, which was announced last summer for PC and next gen consoles, are now safely back in the hands of NBC, hopefully never to return to our poor and innocent gaming universe. Ubisoft's ex-big plans regarding this also included Tim Kring, the TV series' creator, and Jesse Alexander, co-executive producer. Sadly for poor ol' Jess, he recently got fired from the show, because he probably sucks big time.

Since Blizzard said a bing no-no to the idea of creating (or porting) a MMO to consoles, Turbine took up the flag and announced, recently, its intentions to explore this yet... unexplored market, to establish a stronghold in this virgin land, where the hands of human beings have yet to set foot on. Turbine has a fair and decent history regarding MMOs, with its Lord of the Rings Online still living and breathing (and, in my humble opinion, the second best MMO out there), so chances are that they will not screw things up.

More details about this are said to come early next year, but do remember that Turbine has the license to create Tolkien-based MMOs until 2012, with the possibility of extending this deadline until 2017. If this was not enough (and we all know nothing is ever enough, except maybe the beating we took when we were kids), Turbine is working on a technology that allows players to create self evolving worlds, as in self-made content. Interesting concept for a MMO, we are eager to see how well it is implemented without completely ruining the game balance.

MMO players can be divided into two categories: the ones who play World of Warcraft and the ones who WILL play World of Warcraft sooner or later. A sad fact it may be, but it seems that the only way to actually quit playing Blizzard's massive milk cow is to quit playing MMOs alltogether. Just like I did.

During a recent earnings report, Blizzard's president Mike Morhaime has shown us a few very uninteresting numbers, also mentioning that, unlike some enthusiasts may have predicted, large numbers of players that have “quit” WoW recently, in the light of would-be competitors like Age of Conan and Worhammer Online, are slowly, but steadily, renewing their WoW subscriptions. Because the other games just plain ol' suck.

So, according to him, 68% of those dumb enough to think Age of Conan will be a big hit are coming back to WoW with their tail between their legs, while 48% of those who listed Warhammer Online as reason for cancellation... are doing the same. See any pattern here? Because there is only one pattern. There is no way in Hell a MMO game can challenge WoW at this moment, and win.

There are only two options here: Either you are a Mortal Kombat insane individual, who still knows all the fatalities, animalities, brutalities and whateverities from Mortal Kombat 3, either you are one of those guys who dream about Cat Woman every night (and, strangely, wake up in the morning with this sticky fluid all over the place). There is no gray here. Just this, or that.

Fans of both universes will be happy to know that Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe has gone Gold today, as the game is all wrapped up and sent to manufacturers to do the job they are being payed for. Meaning, put the game in a box. Or various kinds of boxes. For once, here is a game that will actually be released as stated, on November 16 in the US of A, and November 21 in Europe.

Time to teach those gay superheroes a lesson. Thanks, Teh Shack.

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