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I came. Then I heard the soundtrack from Dragon Age: Origins' otherwise kick-ass E3 2009 trailer, and went numb again.


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Backtracking through four websites, all the way to a most obscure original source, I can only wonder what the hell am I missing here... Epic's CliffyB made it pretty clear some months ago that they're not doing a PC version "this time around" (unless he meant to say "at this time"), and yet some are desperately holding on to the hope of seeing Gears of War 2 ported to the PC. Conceivable as that may sound.

The rumor resurfaced last night over on IGN, whose syntactically-challenged report claims that "there were plenty of details [about Gears of War 2] that appeared to be pulled from an upcoming press release and even a preliminary box shot with the Games for Windows logo stamped on the front and limited edition details". Said source even offered pre-orders for Gears of War 2, with a release date allegedly set for December 4, 2009.

Bullshit? Oh, you bet! Right now, there doesn't seem to be any reference to the sequel's PC version on said website; not anymore, at least. Kotaku did catch a glimpse of it, though, and what they found out is rather amusing:
"(...) And then there's the fact that the retail codes are all for The Golden Compass. Yes, the UPC code, MPN number, and ASIN identifier all point to Sega's PC version of The Golden Compass, based on the theatrical version of the book, which did indeed feature a war, but instead of gears, we have bears. Bears of war.

Naturally, Microsoft's reps are still denying any plans for a PC version. Seriously, are people that desperate for gaming "news" after the E3 dried out the scene?
The PR gals from Nintendo must be arching their backs and twitching with delight, at the sight of another BIG, round number to spice up their communiques. 20 million units - that's the latest figure announced by the company (via, representing the number of Wii consoles sold in the United States as of May 2009.

Some 244,000 units were swooped off the shelves last month, which is still a decent figure despite the console's more solid average of 645,000 units sold / month since its November 2006 debut in the territory. Confident - if not outright cocky - about their retail superiority, Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway (executive vice president of sales and marketing) indulged herself in a subtly mocking comment with regard to Microsoft and Sony's motion-sensing technologies announced at E3 last week:
"The continued enthusiastic consumer response to our products shows that Nintendo has something for everyone. (...) For Nintendo, precision motion controls and social gaming are realities today."

Add to that the roughly 8 million Wiis sold in Japan, plus way over 20 million elsewhere, and you get 50+ million Wii consoles sold worldwide since launch. So yeah, I'd say that the Wii still kicks ass. If only more of its games would, too...
And in even more goodies-for-download news, yet another map pack was let loose over the world wide webs. Called "Armored Front", this is the second map pack released by Monolith and Warner Bros. for their shooting sequel F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. It only brings 2 new maps - "Conductor" and "Decoy" - and 4 unique character heads to swap out, but at least the pack's PC version is free to download.

You'll find it on the likes of FileFront, Fileplanet and wherever else you usually get your downloads from, either associated with the "Armored Front" title, or with patch v1.04. Oh and don't bother looking for it if you're running the Steam version: the pack was already released as an automated update via Steam last week.

The "Armored Front" pack follows the earlier "Toy Soldiers" that launched a few months ago, and it will be followed by a third F.E.A.R. 2 map pack later this summer. (...)

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While on the topic of downloadable stuff, a quick mention is in order for the freshly released Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2, courtesy of publisher Activision and developer Treyarch. The pack brings 4 new maps, and is now available for download for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, costing 800 Microsoft points and £7.99 respectively. That would be $9.99, give or take...

For more info on the new maps, see the shameless copy-paste from the press release below.

Update: Or simply watch the 2 trailers we've just added for this map pack - here and here.


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Feels kind of redundant to write about Sam & Max, after Telltale's recent announcement for the new Monkey Island games. But for those of you who still didn't get to sample the wild detective duo's adventures, and happen to have a Xbox 360 wired to the webs, now's your chance. And by "now", I mean on June 17 - when Telltale Games will release Sam & Max Save the World on the Xbox Live Arcade.

This will basically be the episodic Sam & Max: Season 1, but with a few enhancements for the XBLA, such as achievements, widescreen and HD graphic support, and updates to the gameplay controls. The press release also mentions the game will include German, French, Italian and Spanish subtitles, to go with the usual English audio and subs.

Featuring all 6 episodes from Season One, the Sam & Max Save the World pack will sell for 1600 Microsoft points when it launches this June 17. The second season's pack (...)

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"Play. Die. Respawn", eh? Well we've certainly been doing plenty of playing, while the site's been doing plenty of dying. And as much as respawning hurts (especially after getting gank-banged by a horde of mooing taurens), every once in a while a fresh restart is in order. Or is it?.... Apparently not if you ask EA Games about their Godfather franchise. The first two games in the series did some mediocre playing and dying of their own, but it looks like there'll be no respawning for The Godfather anytime soon.

In an E3'ish article over on LA Times, Frank Gibeau (EA Games label president) was bluntly quoted as stating that "We're not going to do another one". A wise decision, if there ever was one to come out of Electronic Arts. As to how their "great partners" from Paramount feel about this unplanned-for decision... well, who gives a damn, really? The fewer crappy EA games, the better!

"The bloom is really off the rose for licensed games" - Frank Gibeau

So now that we know there'll be no third The Godfather game bugging (on) us for the foreseeable future, we can go back to waiting for the one true mobster sequel, Mafia II.

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