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Poor Jimi, he must be twisting and puffing in his grave right about now, to see what became of his musical legacy. As it turns out on CBC News (via Eurogamer), two of his songs - "The Wind Cries Mary" and a live version of "Purple Haze" - will be playable in the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour game, when it's released this autumn. And more will be added through downloads at a later time.

On the other hand, it was about time! Having several Guitar Hero games without the legendary Jimi Hendrix was a bit of a paradox. Even though, as EG points out, a cover of "Spanish Castle Magic" was previously featured in the series' first installment, and Guitar Hero III also had an avatar which looked a lot like him. Now, at last, he's officially denigrated.

Hey Joe, where you goin' with that Guitar Hero peripheral in your hand
That's how David Perry puts it, anyway, bluntly reinforcing what other industry execs also bashed, in the wake of the freshly ended E3 expo. Like EA's CEO John Riccitiello and Ubi's Laurent Detoc, Perry had nothing good to say about this year's edition in his statement for, using words like "broken", "expensive", "stupid", and "embarrassment". Oh, and a conditional "I'm never going again".
"The concept is broken, it's expensive, messages are diluted, consumers are ignored (remembering that the future of this industry is direct connections with consumers - not retailers), the ticket policies are stupid, and if the entire industry worldwide doesn't participate, it's not real anyway.

(...) I used to bring major investors to E3 to get them excited about our industry, which worked every time. Now it's just an embarrassment."

Perry, who most of us know as the the founder of Shiny Entertainment (MDK, Sacrifice... some Matrix crap, too), nowdays poses as the chief creative officer of Acclaim v2.0. Nice fella. Not in a gay way.
All play and no work makes... jack shit. Just look at our flawless inactivity as of late, if you have any doubts about it (as always, we blame it WoW). It's no wonder then that the worldwide economy is going to Hell, while PC hardware and video game sales are soaring high, even more so since summer began. In the month of June, game sales rose by 53% according to NPD Group's market research data, and just about the same can be said about hardware sales, as well - in the U.S., anyway.

Piecing together the blurry data we vaguely remember from previous months, we came up with this highly professional looking graphic, to better illustrate the situation at hand.


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