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A new press release has come up on the Internetz, giving us some insight in the much anticipated (by desk secretaries) Sims 3. Along with a brand new engine that is bound to rock our stinky socks one way or the other (and which seems to be in development for almost three years), EA’s simulation success brags at everyone with the following things, which we will detail a bit, to give you a much deserved shade of Aran light on the matter:

New Seamless, Open Neighborhood - Explore the Neighborhood Freely.
So, you will be able to leave the house, stalk your neighbours’ daughters any way you see fit. Hopefully, such an open neighborhood means fewer locks on the little girls’ bedrooms, and more instant action for us.

New Create A Sim - Create Any Sim You Can Imagine.
…and I certainly don’t mind being a God, also in the virtual world. Sticking to different Sim personalities, like whores, pimps, serial killers and sisters of Ilidan should be a nice addition to the whole game universe. Size is also included here – you can make them small, big, fat, thin, and most especially, white.

New Unlimited Customization - Everyone Can Customize Everything!
And the blah-blah part about “OMG U CAN CHANGE IT ALL!!!!”. Fascinating. They say I can even modify window shades. Or sofas. Now that is really groundbreaking. I can always feel the urge to play this game, over and over again, while my (presumptive) girlfriend is playing around with that new wireless Nunchuk I bought her, to leave me alone.
Despite the usual trend when it comes to recent games, it seems that Prey 2, along with all those asshole-like doors and… wall grafitti, will not come to all the consoles and their mother, when it will eventually ship. More exactly, the guys at Radar Group stated that the sequel to the 2008’s would-be-shooter will find its way to the PC and Microsoft’s X360. So no PS3, at least for a while, though it is hard to believe that such a title would not take advantage of some sales boost with Sony’s console being so overrated.

Details on Prey 2, Earth No More, Incarnate and other two “unknown” projects can be very well spotted on Radar’s website, along with Casey Linch’s statement on The Game Reviews, according to which the game’s developer is still Human Head.

Well, if you are interested in a FPS that denies you DEATH in any possible way, Prey may be a thing for you. And I bet that Prey 2, too.
Can you say… Cnet? Hell yea, I bet you can. This little company has been responsible lately for all sorts of scandalous decisions regarding (so far) the online gaming press. We all know they have acquired major known websites to do their dirty work, one of which is some’s favorite Gamespot.

Problems started appearing when the likes of Eidos (and other bullshit producers that cannot face the reality that their games SUCK MAJOR ASS) let Cnet know that… well, the site’s review for Kane and Lynch, one of the biggest failures in the gaming universe so far, was rated… too low. This, after Eidos spent tons of money painting the whole fucking Gamespot with Kane and Lynch commercials.

The quick follow-up was awesome – in a very bad way, at least for us gaming journalists – Mr. Gerstmann, the one responsible for the said review, was fired without notice. Because, you see, If Eidos tells you to rate its game high, YOU MUST RATE its games high. Otherwise, go work in the fucking construction department. It was a surprise for all, but not quite that big, considering we all know Cnet is a money-hungry bitch with absolutely no respect for gaming journalism.

After that, people came and went from Gamespot, with other sound and good names leaving the sinking boat because of the same reason – the absolute lack of freedom of speech. And now another Senior Editor, Brad Shoemaker will kiss the crew goodbye and will travel to, we hope, better places, where people can actually say what they think about a game. We wish you good luck, Brad, may your writing days be long and prosper, and Eidos bashing days even more prosper.

What a fucked up industry we have, for Christ’s sake. It is becoming like politics. You can listen to the related Hotspot here.
Taking a cue from the hollywoodian habit of milking games from movies before they even premiere, the Japanese anime and gaming industries are coming together in the production of a Wii game based on the upcoming The Sky Crawlers animation film. The project was revealed in the pages of Famitsu (via Gamersyde), who say that the Wii game is being developed by the Namco Bandai team responsible for the Ace Combat series.

The only reason I give a damn is that the Sky Crawlers anime is directed by Mamoru Oshii, who made a name for himself by directing the Ghost in the Sell animation film and its sequel Innocence (among other anime and live-action stuff). It's based on a novel series which follows a group of young fighter pilots involved in dogfight warfare, during an alternate historical period, and it's animated by Production I.G. The film premieres on August 2 and, by the way, I lied: I don't really give a damn about the game.
Take-Two are continuing to keep themselves busy these days... and so are Electronic Arts' bidding artificers. Clearly incapable of waiting until the agonizing (for them) release of GTA IV at the end of April, EA is making another move in the hopes of taking over Take-Two. Only, this time, they are trying to bypass the company's board and head straight for the shareholders, luring them with an offer of $26 per share in cash. Not that tempting, but who knows... Just to be on the safe side, Take-Two's board urged its shareholders to hold their horses, promising to properly advise them within 10 business days.

So while we wait for the next chapter of this bidding saga, let's get back to Take-Two's games for a bit. My personal most-wanted, Mafia 2 is now planned for release (...)

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A rather pretentious title, for what really looks more like a Half-Life 2 MOD. Nevertheless, the recently announced third-person shooter Salvation (anti-rhymes with Damnation, but not to be confused with Dark Salvation) is being developed as a full-fledged PC and Xbox 360 game powered by Valve's Source engine, by some novice Ukranian studio Black Wing Foundation, "in cooperation with N-Game Studios" - cause it's so damn hard to make a generic shooter all by yourself these days.

The world of Salvation is described as a near-future cybernetic dystopia, inspired by the likes of "1984", "Brand New World" and "Us", with a dramatic story spanning seven episodes (17 missions), from Tokyo to London, which goes something like this. (...)

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Old news are best served with a bit of catch-up, and so we return to some of the stories we missed a few days ago due to excessive WoW'ing *cough* various reasons. Having successfully tackled the sci-fi and fantasy RPG sub-genres (and post-apocalyptic, if we think about their good ol' days at Black Isle), the dudes from Obsidian Entertainment (KotOR 2, NWN 2) are finally trying their hand at their first original IP. They call it Alpha Protocol, "a thrilling new espionage role-playing game set in the modern world", which CEO Feargus Urquhart also says will blend "Obsidian's knack for intricate stories, engrossing characters, and significant character advancement with fast-paced modern combat". (...)

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That Zerg trailer was all fine and well, but a bit more detail never hurts. So here is the latest double-pack of StarCraft II screenshots issued by Blizzard this month, showing more diverse gameplay environments.


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I can almost hear Stephane Grappelli's jazzy violin already...

We all know RPGs are almost on the brink of extinction – and I mean true RPGs, deep story, memorable characters, rapeable Ladies Aribeth, and stuff like that, not some junk food hack and slash that mindlessly (though sometimes, pretty addictive) set you up in a dungeon crawling with sponge blobs, pink rabid bunnies or giant weeds that seem to have an issue with your well being.

The last really good one to hit the market was Bioware’s Mass Effect (and we are still waiting for that PC “port” to make us drool even more), amongst others. As much as we have enjoyed it, we just couldn’t stop that saliva coming out when we heard Greg Zeschuk, BioWare’s general manager, bragging on the MTV channel about how great Mass Effect 2 will be.

First of all, we’ll have more side quests. More and better, he says. Quests that are actually worth doing, not just skip them for that main plot that needs solving RIGHT NOW.
"Side quests can sometimes be left on the side, so to speak. Pardon the pun. But a lot of times it's even just getting that whole game done, that whole first shot [that is important]. We look at Mass Effect 2 as incredibly exciting. Just the amount of effort and knowledge and know-how that went into building the technology for the first one is huge, and [we now have] the chance to actually make things a little bit richer."

Secondly, we’ll get the same treatment here as we’ve got in most BioWare/Black Isle sequels, more exactly an enhanced world, the solving of various technical issues that may (or may not) appear at some point or the other, basically, a truly revamped content that will make the player have an instant erection. What can I say, words are good, they have always been. Hopefully, this is not some media bullshit.

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