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F.E.A.R. Combat Begins Today, With Guide And Patch v1.07

Time stood still today on the F.E.A.R. Combat website, as the release countdown reached zero this morning (at least for us Europeans). This multiplayer only component of the original F.E.A.R. game is being generously offered by Sierra / Vivendi as a free downloadable title (...)

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Free NWN ex-Premium Module, Darkness over Daggerford

Atari sure didn't win any popularity points when they cancelled the Neverwinter Nights premium module program a few months ago, but at least one of those once-Premium modules has now been released as a free pack, called Darkness over Daggerford. This is a huge, 25-30 hour adventure, crafted by Ossian Studios (...)

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Joint Task Force was recently the side-subject of a nasty scandal involving several Hungarian developers, as well as publishers SCi Games and HD Interactive. But now that the waters seem to have calmed down, the game's developing and publishing trio (...)

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It took six years for Impressions' first three Caesar games to make their mark on the city-building genre (from 1992-1998), and after another six years, the historic series is being brought back to life by Tilted Mill Entertainment - a studio founded by veterans from Sierra's now defunct Impressions Games studio. (...)

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Guild Wars: Nightfall At Leipzig GC, First Trailer Now

Confirming its presence at next week's Leipzig Games Convention (23–27 August), NCsoft Europe also announced that both Guild Wars expansions will be featured at the event. GC 2006 will mark the culmination of six months of intense online battles in the first Guild Wars: Factions world championship, (...)

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New Xbox 360 Controller, $200 HD-DVD, 1080p, And Jukebox?

From all the PS3 and Wii related news nowdays, several updates regarding Microsoft's next-gen console have boldly come to our attention this week. They tell about a new, more precise Xbox 360 controller for hardcore shooters players, about a rather cheap price for the console's upcoming HD-DVD drive (just $200), (...)

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A news story from the German PC Games website that seems to have gone unnoticed bears word about a new first-person shooter, called Red Ocean, coming from Hamburger based publisher dtp Entertainment. Since sprechening Deutsch isn't really my strong point, I turned over to Google for the translation, and found that (...)

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Unreal Engine 3 No Good For Too Human? // UPDATE - Yes It Is

After so many Unreal Engine 3 licensing agreements announced as of late, and Epic Games' CliffyB and Mark Rein claiming that developers are loving their engine tools, it comes as a bit of surprise that Silicon Knights - the guys behind Too Human for the Xbox 360 - are said to be dropping Epic's next-gen engine. (...)

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The GTR franchise has become somewhat of a synonym for SimBin's development efforts, ever since their first FIA GT racing game was released in early 2005. And with the GTR 2 sequel just about ready for start, the Swedish developer is now announcing its next project: RACE (...)

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Released last Friday in the UK, Ascaron's anticipated space game Darkstar One is now also available in North American stores, as announced by publisher CDV Software's USA division. Much like Freelancer and other action oriented space games, DarkStar One is all about blasting your way through space in search of (...)

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