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It's a real pitty that CDV didn't drop the StarForce protection earlier, so that we might have enjoyed last month's City Life demo without worries. And what's even worse, the final version of the game also seems to include the troublesome copy-protection system, (...)

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The world of massively multiplayer online games is an ironically tight place these days, especially for publishers who aren't used to listing MMORPGs in their daily agendas. It's how Codemasters used to be a while back, but for the past year they've really been pushing plenty of MMO news down our editorial throats. (...)

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Available for some time for online purchase via Valve's electronic distribution platform Steam, the first-ever episodic action game is now also available in retail stores throughout the European territories. Well, excluding Germany, for some reason or another. Ritual's SiN Episodes: Emergence had a rather voluptuous (...)

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Half-Life 2, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Coming To Xbox 360?

Yet another couple of rumour mills were put into motion a few days ago, reporting that two very distinct PC Action games - Half-Life 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - were likely coming to the Xbox 360. This might not be so shocking in the case of Quake Wars, but when looking at Half-Life 2, there's a few things to consider (...)

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Halo 2 PC Exclusive Maps, No Halo MMO, Halo Movie Later

There's been plenty of Halo news flowing in ever since E3, and these last few days were no different. In fact, we got three separate Halo topics for you today, though none of which is about Halo 3. Instead, the first in line is the upcoming PC version of Halo 2, which Bungie's latest (...)

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There's a particularly interesting interview over on MTV with Nintendo's design guru Shigeru Miyamoto, revealing more and more goodies about the Wii console. It starts off with some thoughts about how the whole Wii remote idea came to be, reasoning that the motion-sensing technology has allowed for fewer buttons (...)

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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Multiplayer Details // UPDATE

Coming on the heels of last week's sign-ups for the Dark Messiah closed beta, is this short Q&A session conducted by Ubisoft themselves (PR departments work wonders!), focusing on the multiplayer mode of Arkane Studios' upcoming game, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. (...)

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Age of Conan Beta Clarification, License Extension

There may have been some disputed E3 2006 awards between the three major gaming websites - IGN, GameSpy and GameSpot - but when it came to recognizing the best Massively Multiplayer Online game of the show, the trio's decision was unanimous: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Funcom's barbaric MMORPG was also (...)

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Immersion And eDimensional Making Sony's 'Impossible' Controller

After mocking Sony over its inability to implement both motion sensing technology and rumble technology into the new PlayStation 3 controller, Immersion Corporation has teamed up with third-party peripheral company eDimensional, in an attempt to deliver a blowing strike to the Japanese giant. (...)

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Square Enix Alters Strategy As New Gaming Franchises Fail

Time and again, Square Enix returns to its classic franchises whenever it announces new titles - which was definitely the case with the company's line-up for this year's E3 2006, not to mention their kick ass revelation of the next Final Fantasy universe, called Fabula Nova Crystallis - Final Fantasy XIII (...)

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