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A second demo version for Stormregion's latest RTS game Rush for Berlin has been released yesterday, and is now also available for download locally. Whereas the first demo that debuted earlier this month only contained one single-player mission on the German side, this multiplayer version brings in two new maps: a deathmatch map titled "Killing Fields", and a R.U.S.H. level called "Black Forest Revisited", both playable via LAN, direct IP, and Internet (as long as you have a GameSpy account). Oh and just in case you were wondering, the awfully abbreviated R.U.S.H. multiplayer mode stands for "Relentlessly Utilized Score Hunt":

R.U.S.H (Relentlessly Utilized Score Hunt)

This mode works on the same principles as the game itself: players rush for given target(s) to occupy various objects, which yield points. Whoever scores the most points in a given time period OR reaches the preset score limit wins. Each object grants a one-time bonus to the team which captures it first (and a reduced bonus if the object is destroyed).


Fight your way through the enemy front - against your friends or against the AI. The only goal is to eliminate any and all units belonging to other players - or teams.

How illuminating! If you'd rather go for some good old WWII solo action, the single-player demo is still available for download. Rush for Berlin will be dismissed to European stores tomorrow by publisher Deep Silver, and on May 30th to the US as part of Paradox Interactive's catalogue.

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