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The Hungarian developer Stormregion has finished work on yet another World War II real-time strategy title - Rush for Berlin. The game has reached Gold status in North America, where it's being published by Paradox Interactive, with a release date set for May 30, and a suggested retail price of $39.00. Quite frankly, that's a lot of money for a game that doesn't even look as promising as their previous Codename Panzers RTS titles, not to mention the Codename Panzers: Cold War sequel, or their other next-gen projects which were announced last month.

"This WWII RTS introduces several new and innovative features to a beloved genre. The 5 multiplayer modes introduce the new modes R.U.S.H (Relentlessly Utilized Score Hunt) and R.I.S.K (Race-Intensive Strategic Kombat). Using optically impressive pixel shader 3.0 graphics "Rush for Berlin" offers completely destructible environments, historic and fictitious battles with WWII prototypes as well as a large number of skills for the officers and day and night cycle as well as weather conditions that influence the gameplay."

At least that's how Paradox would want us to see the game. If you'd rather check it out for yourself, you can try the recent Rush for Berlin demo that was released earlier this month, or watch the game's various trailers found on our website.

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