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Storm of War: Battle of Britain From The Makers Of IL-2

Ubisoft announced today a new flight simulator franchise, with the first title scheduled for take-off in November 2006 from the hangars of Maddox Games. The game will be called Storm of War: Battle of Britain, and the developing team - in case the name "Maddox" doesn't ring a bell - is the same one that created IL-2 Sturmovik and Pacific Fighters, another couple of highly esteemed simulators published by Ubisoft. And once again, Battle of Britain is going to be just the first in a series of titles bearing the Storm of War call-sign.

"In Storm of War: Battle of Britain, players will take to the skies during the famous Battle of Britain. Using classic World War II planes, the game offers a variety of historical missions through solo campaigns or online combat and cooperation. Storm of War: Battle of Britain includes a new 3D engine and damage model technology, enabling genre newcomers to enjoy a smooth ride thanks to a state-of-the-art flight simulator and scalable gameplay."

We can't say anything about the gameplay for now, but these first Storm of War screenshots are sure to wet your appetite if you're a fan of virtual cockpits and fluffy clouds.

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