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Final Fantasy XIII-2, New Versus XIII Trailer, More...

Sure enough, Square Enix has officially announced the Final Fantasy XIII-2 sequel today at its "1st Production Department Premiere" event, confirming last week's rumor. But perhaps of more interest seems to have been the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer that was shown there. You can watch it here in a low-quality Ustream version, for now, until a HD version is released next week.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 logo

Aside from these two titles, other topics discussed at Square's event included the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII (now called Final Fantasy Type-0), the game formerly known as Kingdom Hearts 3D (now called Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance), and the game still known as Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. A bit more about each of them, below.

Starting with Final Fantasy XIII-2, this sequel is being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a 2011 release in mind for Japan, and "next winter" elsewhere (or at least in North America). The game is once again being directed by Motomu Toriyama, who commented at the event that they hope XIII-2 will respond to players' thoughts and concerns regarding the original game.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 render

A brief cinematic trailer was also shown, suggesting the return of main character Lightning in a new armored outfit, and the introduction of a new male knight character. The trailer's HD version will be made available this January 20, but for now a teaser website is all that we're given, along with the above CG render and title logo. Update: HD trailer now available loacally.

For the HD version of the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, on the other hand, we're gonna have to wait an extra week, until January 27. This nearly 7-minute video also ended the event, and before he could be drilled for additional answers, the game's director Tetsuya Nomura reportedly bailed out tight-lipped. If you do need some explanation about the things shown in the trailer, though, you can read a detailed description of it over on andriasang.

Next, regarding Agito's name change to Final Fantasy Type 0 (or Final Fantasy Reishiki in Japanese), the devs said that the game didn't have much to do with FF XIII, hence the new title dropping the "XIII" part (and for some reason the "Agito" part, as well). In fact, this is meant to be the first game in a new FF (sub-)series. However, considering that its new teaser website is hosted under the "fabula" domain, it's being assumed that Type 0 will share the "Fabula Nova Crystallis" mythos used in the FF XIII and FF Versus XIII games.

Final Fantasy Type-0 logo

Above you can see the new Final Fantasy Type 0 logo, plus two random pics of little relevance. A trailer for it was also shown, and its HD version should likewise become available on January 27. As a reminder, this will be a PSP game releasing later in 2011.

Kingdom Hearts 3D - now subtitled Dream Drop Distance - was also demonstrated with a trailer, and the devs explained that the game will make use of 3D with elements such as "falling from high places" and "flying far distances". As previously announced, this one is being developed for the Nintendo 3DS, the new eye-candy eye-fudging handheld that's coming out in Japan this February 26, and in March 2011 elsewhere.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance logo

Again, you can see the game's logo above, along with a few screenshots. A teaser website is now up, listing it as an RPG, although the game's action part was clearly highlighted at the event (and it's also said to have a strategic feel at times). Still no release timeframe.

And finally, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy has received a demo version today, which PSP owners (from Japan) can grab off the PlayStation Network for 300 yen. The demo is titled Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final Fantasy, it features two modes of play - story mode and arcade mode; the ability to carry accessories over from the demo to the final version, when it's released this March 3 (in Japan); and - most importantly - having a demo save file will unlock Aerith (from FF7) as an assist character in the game's final version!

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy logo

Same as with the other games, Square Enix revealed a new trailer of Dissidia 012 at the event, showing Yuna (from FFX) in playable form for the first time; plus a CG version of Prishe (the foul-mouthed NPC from FF XI); plus "hints at the Gilgamesh character". Hmm... we'll see for ourselves when it's out in HD, this January 27.
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