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I just had a flashback of Interplay's messy end-of-days saga a few years back... What a mess that was. Seemingly stepping in the footsteps of that once legendary game company, the Japanese group Gonzo keeps on cracking and shattering, in the midst of escalating corporate "restructuring". Just yesterday I was pitying them for their rumored loss of the Strike Witches 2 anime project. And today ANN brings word of another major, self-inflicted blow: the "divestment" of Gonzo's online game development studio Gonzo Rosso.

By the way, since it's April 1 in Japan already, we can stop using the parent company's obsolete GDH name. So as I was saying, Gonzo will cut off its game subsidiary in an attempt to further consolidate whatever resources is still has, entirely abandoning the gaming scene in order to focus on its anime business.

Some of Gonzo Rosso's best known MMORPGs include Shaiya: Light and Darkness (I'm sure we've all drooled over its hawt wallpapers), Master of Epic, and The Tower of Druaga. The latter two were also adapted as anime series by Gonzo, and as a matter of fact Druaga's second season has just ended a few days ago.

The history of the company that became Gonzo Rosso goes way back to 1963, so I'm sure they'll survive this sell-off sell-out, one way or another. You can find out more about it and its games on the official website.
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