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Kadokawa, the Japanese anime / manga publisher that has inspired us with so many feelings of hatred lately, is turning its twisted eye over to the gaming industry. As of April 1, 2009, the parent consortium Kadokawa Group Holdings is opening a game development and marketing subsidiary called Kadokawa Games Ltd. The news has slowly been creeping its way to a few English websites since Friday, but the only known details are still those contained in the early reports.

Kadokawa Games is being set up with a capital of 250 million yen (US$2.5 million) as a fully owned subsidiary. Its focus will be on online games and the international market, with titles developed based on the already popular content owned by the publishing group. But the real kicker is the name (and former position) of Kadokawa Games' president: Yoshimi Yasuda.

Yasuda is the former president of the game studio Tecmo, where he managed to tarnish his reputation by getting sued - twice: by Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki, and by several Ninja Gaiden 2 devs. Kotaku has a nice "commemorative" article on the legal issues, hopelessly concluding that just "like that, another disgraced business exec lands on his feet".

They also make another couple of not-so-subtle connections between Kadokawa and the gaming industry, which might give you something to worry about.
"Enterbrain, the publisher of Famitsu, is an affiliate of Kadokawa Group Holdings. Former Sony Computer Entertainment exec Ken Kutaragi is a Kadokawa Group Holdings board member as well. Just sayin'."
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