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Ever wanted an all-in-one game engine for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DX9/DX10 PC games and MMOs alike? And had a crapload of money to spend on it? Well I guess the second part may be a bit tricky, so just for the sake of curiosity, the devs from Crytek will be introducing their new CryENGINE 3 game development solution at this year's GDC Expo (March 25-27) in San Francisco.

The package advertised in Crytek's announcement includes the CryENGINE 3Sandbox level editor - a 3rd generation "What you see is what you play" (WYSIWYP) tool designed by and for professional developers - and significant new features specifically designed for console, online, MMO and Next-Gen game development.

CryENGINE 3 is also said to be "Next-Gen-Ready", with scalable computation and graphics for all major upcoming platforms - whichever those might be. And no, I'm not even going to start guessing names; not this early in the morning.
Tags:  PC, PS3, Xbox 360, mmo, Crytek
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