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Whether or not Core Design's classic franchise needs a "reboot" has been argued for what seems like - and quite possibly is - a decade. Ever since their 1996 debut, the Tomb Raider games have been marching down the same path, pretty much, and I for one am not among those complaining. Sure, they weren't all that great, but at least Eidos was stubborn enough to stay the course, even after handing the development over to Crystal Dynamics.

But things are about to change in the life of Lara Croft, big time! According to Hollywood Reporter, the whole Tomb Raider franchise - games and movies alike - is getting a major revamp. Warners Bros. and producer Dan Lin are said to be "in early development on a reboot of Tomb Raider", very much unlike the original. And with no more Angelina Jolie in the next movie, by the way.
"The new project, however, is expected to revamp the character and her mission and bear little resemblance to the original pictures. It will reimagine the origins of the character, her love interest and the main villain.

As an open-writing assignment, the project is still in its nascent stages. An actress who could play the role Angelina Jolie made famous would likely come on after a writer and director are attached."

To be honest, I don't really like the sound of all this... call it a hunch. While the report points at a third Tomb Raider movie as the first "victim" of this overhaul, the question is: how will it affect our beloved action-adventuring games? And, of course, which hawt chick will be the next flesh-and-bone(r)s Lara Croft?
anonymouswrote on Jul 23, 2010 at 20:55
Mila Kunis Would make a great younger version of Lara Croft. Not to mention she can act. Someone needs to get this suggestion to an involved casting director in Hollywood.
On another note. I would hate to see them pull too far away from the theme in the game series- I love the tombraider games and their style of play. A complete reinvention may be stupid and completely off of what made her popular in the first place. Foolish to dissapoint a loyal fanbase.
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