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MMO players can be divided into two categories: the ones who play World of Warcraft and the ones who WILL play World of Warcraft sooner or later. A sad fact it may be, but it seems that the only way to actually quit playing Blizzard's massive milk cow is to quit playing MMOs alltogether. Just like I did.

During a recent earnings report, Blizzard's president Mike Morhaime has shown us a few very uninteresting numbers, also mentioning that, unlike some enthusiasts may have predicted, large numbers of players that have “quit” WoW recently, in the light of would-be competitors like Age of Conan and Worhammer Online, are slowly, but steadily, renewing their WoW subscriptions. Because the other games just plain ol' suck.

So, according to him, 68% of those dumb enough to think Age of Conan will be a big hit are coming back to WoW with their tail between their legs, while 48% of those who listed Warhammer Online as reason for cancellation... are doing the same. See any pattern here? Because there is only one pattern. There is no way in Hell a MMO game can challenge WoW at this moment, and win.

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Mrbaytorewrote on Dec 28, 2009 at 06:13
Wrong. I play mmo's, I have never played WOW, and Will NEVER. WoW was just the first one to make it into the mainstream, so people that never played RPG's or MMORPGs got their first taste with that game, and let me tell you, there is nothing like your first taste. So, in their mind, they compare everything to it, like a heroin addict that trys to get that first new exciting high, it's not going to happen. I compare these newer MMO's to my originals from the early to mid 90's-2000, they don't stack up for that same reason. But what it all boils down to is, each of these games, old and new, are EXACTLY the same, it's just how they are perceived. All you need to do is just give it time. WOW will fade out of existance for something newer and better. It is the inevitable fate of a fad, no matter how popular it may be, it is mortal in a way and will die eventually. So don't worry, and just hold out until that day comes.
Euhemeruswrote on Feb 8, 2010 at 11:02
There is some truth in those words, everything that has a beginning has an end, and every end is just the start of a new beginning, Even history itself has a sell by date from which thereafter becomes a null value, but remember, never say never, and to say always is untrue if there has ever been just one singular that contradicts the statement.
I find it ironic, how can someone who has never played the game comment about it? maybe you should wait for the LSD to wear off.
My childhood friend states that he HATES chicken, even though he has never put a piece of chicken in his mouth!? that´s what i would call a definition for irony.
It´s a totally valid statement to say that we as humans define our experiences by the first of it´s nature that we have, all others will automatically be a constructive comparison to that first, even if in a subconscious thought pattern.
Obviously not all MMO´s are EXACTLY or even close to being the same, you know that as we all do. In my experience, which is limited, have found that other similar games don´t match up with all sorts from graphics to PVP quality and, and ,and... Some will have better graphics, others better PVP, but WOW has proven since it´s launch to be the best all rounder and leader in many of such comparisons, I like to compare similar status to motorbikes like the GSX-R, not the best handling, nor the most powerful engine... but by far the best all round, and always up there close to pole ever since day one.
Hang in there and hold out as best you can. Who know´s? maybe WOW will even outlive all of us and my children will experience new and inventive ways to temporarily disconnect from the real world and it´s troubling worries... OR...
It´s an ever changing world out there and infinitely developing within here, shame we will probably all burn away from UV radiation before we ever come close to where we could be and what we could become.
"an individual is pleasurable, a mass is fearsome"
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