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If I would be in the pants of the US military (not “in the pants” as in “in the pants of a Japanese high school girl”), and if I was to make a top ten of the most desired equipment to use on the field, this, somehow, would have made the list.

No less than 1.6 million USD were the bait for this project, a project in which some scientists from UCSD (I have absolutely no idea what that abbreviation stands for, I admit) must create a Gordon Freeman HEV suit. Yes, you’ve heard me right. A suit that comes complete with a system that monitors any life activity, acting accordingly when things go bad, and giving you a pat on the back when things go right.

...well, it's not actually going to be named like that, but you can spot the similarities here and there.

You get a shot in the leg, the suit will administer you with the proper medicine. Basically, all the basic First Aid functions of a field medic (except putting you out of your misery when things go bad, but what are friends for). Combine this with everything else that the military has in mind, Hell, we’ll get a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. biosuit next, a Crysis whatever –it’s-called suit later, and only after that a complete loli outfit for those who really need it.

A Gizmodo scoop.
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