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I somehow missed this yesterday, for various reasons. Mainly because of a bottle of vodka and some porn movie in the background. Still, it might prove useful for some - YouTube, the almighty, Google-owned “watch illegal anime episodes here” website, is shaking hands with Amazon and iTunes, providing users with the godlike ability to purchase games, songs, and various other things while watching streamed videos.

It's simple, really. Let's say you are casually browsing the web in search for that oh-so-hot new video of your favorite band. Or for that new trailer you were waiting for. Going to YouTube, you will have a link there (somewhere) that will link you to the respective product on Amazon - if available. Obviously, money gained this way by said companies will be shared and devoured like a fresh, juicy, ichigo pie.

Google has also launched its betatest for the in-game advertising software, based on Adsense. I guess most of us were expecting this:
"Google is initially targeting the sweet spot for its technology: games based in Adobe's Flash platform and which run in a web browser with no download. Google's advertisers can use the software to insert ads into games or videos for YouTube, making the ads more versatile. Developers of games can use Flash software development kits to designate the points in a game that make an 'ad request'."
amiteshwrote on Oct 11, 2008 at 15:08
cool man
anonymouswrote on Oct 12, 2008 at 08:23
Google is up to something else for any one that has been watching and there appears to be a movie called Infinite Play involved and some kind of game huge multiplayer game using the planet as the game board, with play enhanced using Google tools.
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