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With no immediate space-sim sequel in Egosoft's "X" universe, or let alone Frontier's ancient Elite series, fans of the genre will have to keep themselves busy with other titles - such as the newly released Space Force: Rogue Universe (or Space Force 2). Developed by Provox Games and published by JoWooD, the game was released earlier this month in North America, and will be coming to Europe as well this week. But even though it hasn't received too much media loving, Space Force 2 seems to be a worthy addition to the space-sim genre, and you can find out more about it from this interview issued by JoWooD. Here are a few bits from it:

"Player takes the role of young pilot Jim Anderson in a search for his lost sister Jax. Discovers conspiracy games between powerful Earth Military Directorate and the rest of humanity, solves long ago forgotten mysteries and faces the biggest threat ever - massive Collective attack."

"Players will have the opportunity to engage in trading, exploration, fighting, crafting, quest solving, and diplomacy decision-making in addition to ship development and other player activities. You can choose between 10 professions each conferring advantages and disadvantages. Earn money and experience points and advance to higher levels. Since AI has a crucial role in SFRU, it will create a thrilling playing experience throughout the game. As you progress through the game, each ship can be modified in your own creative style by upgrading."

Later in the interview, the devs at Provox mention that their next game will be Space Force: Captains, a turn-based strategy that you can get a picture of by checking this first batch of screenshots.

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