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Dissidia: Final Fantasy On PSP And FF4 DS Remake Revealed

Like we said in the previous story about The Last Remnant, the fast-approaching Square Enix Party 2007 from May 12-13 brings along all sorts of interesting reports. The revelation of a brand new RPG series is certainly reason enough to get excited, but the great news don't stop here. Fans of the Final Fantasy series who don't mind a "milking" or two should be thrilled to hear that Square Enix is planning yet another couple of portable FF titles - one for the PSP, and one for the Nintendo DS.

According to Japanese website FF13 Vids (via FFWorld), the team that made the Final Fantasy III 3D remake for the DS (Matrix Software) is currently working on bringing back Final Fantasy IV, also in 3D, and also on Nintendo's handheld console. The game world will be completely remade and they say that new chapters will be added as well. Things are still pretty unofficial, but they should get straightened up during this weekend's event.

The other portable Final Fantasy project, on the other hand, is as official as it gets! As teased by the game's newly opened website, Square Enix Party 2007 will mark the announcement of a new FF title for Sony's PlayStation Portable, called Dissidia: Final Fantasy. There's only a brief Flash intro and a logo available there right now, but that's more than enough to get us started.

The only other thing revealed by said website is that character design for Dissidia will be done by Tetsuya Nomura, a name that should be more than familiar to fans of the series. If not, just look it up on Wiki.

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