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Final Fantasy XIII E3 Demo, More FF XIII And Versus Details

The PlayStation 3 may not have the largest installed user base today, but with a couple of Square Enix RPGs (and a certain Konami MGS game...), things will surely look a lot different in a year or two. The RPGs in question are obviously Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, announced exclusively for the PS3 just prior to E3 2006, and first shown through a couple of trailers (one behind closed doors) at last year's gaming Mecca.

Since then, the FF Versus XIII trailer was made available for the public last December, and just a few days ago word came through from Japan's Dengeki magazine that Square are aiming to show a Final Fantasy XIII demo at this year's E3 in July - which all of sudden doesn't sound so boring after all (unless they actually plan to show it in October at "the new E3", E for All Expo). This is what PSU reported last week:

"When questioned about the release of the demo, the Square Enix dev team stated, "'We are hoping to have a playable demo ready for E3 in 2007." Since E3 has been downsized as of this year, only invited studios, press, and retailers may attend the event, which may cause Square Enix to hold off a public showing until the Tokyo Game Show, for example, later this year."

Over the weekend, PSU returned with more details taken from Dengeki and Famitsu, about both Final Fantasy XIII's story and the Versus opus' battle system, among other aspects. Here are some:

Final Fantasy XIII

1. Motome Toriyama, Final Fantasy XIII's director said, "The intensity of the opening scene -- it's probably the most in the Final Fantasy series so far."

2. The story of Final Fantasy XIII starts with an invasion of the Cocoon World from the World Below.

3. The people of the Cocoon World are frightened of their world falling from the sky and anyone that is believed to be able to make the Cocoon world fall is exiled. Residents of Cocoon are fearful of the outside world, and regard "influence" from the outside world as something like a virus.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

1. Nomura stated due to the processing power of the PlayStation 3, players in Final Fantasy Versus XIII should be able to battle in areas with great differences in height just as in the trailer.

2. Players will be able to fight along side party members who have their own specific abilities and weapons.

3. Battles will make use of the full environment, including what is above and below the characters.

4. Nomura and his dev team said they are still testing the games battle mechanics. Although you will not be able to freely warp to any point on the battle field, Nomura discussed how you will be able to warp to the location where you place or throw your sword.

5. According to Nomura, we can expect something similar to Kingdom Hearts.

Tetsuya Nomura also mentioned that he has some ideas for the next Versus XIII trailer, which he promises will be "extremely cool". Bring it on!

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