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The self-professed, made-in-Taiwan future of free-to-play MMOs, to be more precise. This is how the German publisher Frogster announced its latest acquisition, Runes of Magic - a fantasy MMORPG originally developed by the Taiwanese studio Runewaker Entertainment under the title Radiant Arcana, which is already completed and currently in open-beta phase in China.

This definitely lends credence to Frogster's plans of releasing it before Christmas 2008 in Germany, and "soon afterwards" in English-speaking territories. But the rest of their communique isn't too convincing in regard to their earlier claim, about Runes of Magic being "the future". Just the usual set of features, topped by the promise of a "free2play, no monthly fees, free download" MMO. You can find them all listed on the Runes of Magic website, along with the game's story, various artworks, and a "beta infoletter". The first screenshots are just below this abstract from Frogster's announcement:
"From the beginning, Runes of Magic envelops gamers in an absorbing story through over 600 quests spread throughout the immersing world.

In Runes of Magic, players choose from six main classes, and combined with secondary class options, they can access 36 individual character classes overall. All characters possess unique skills with impressive combo attacks, and can use mounts in the later stages of gameplay. A particularly attractive feature for players and guilds is the ability to arrange their own virtual homes with individual furnishings.

Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, thrilling PVP, demanding dungeons and boss-monsters, no gamers' wishes remain unsatisfied with Runes of Magic."

anonymouswrote on Mar 6, 2009 at 00:51
This is a very good game, WoW for free w/ better grafics
edonwrote on Apr 17, 2009 at 15:54
anonymouswrote on Oct 16, 2011 at 09:08
Looking for you.
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