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In just a couple of months, another Diablo wanna-be game going by the title of Silverfall will be unleashed upon the Action-RPG community by Atari (in the US) and Deep Silver (in Europe). I'm sure you have at least heard about it by now, and if you haven't, now's your chance: we received word that the official Silverfall blog has gone live, and it already hosts an interview with project-manager Jehanne Rousseau. In it, she responds to ten of the most pressing questions submitted by the fan community over the last few weeks - including some brief discussion about the game's public toolset. Here's a bit:

"What this "public editor" will allow players to do is create missions, change existing elements, etc. Some of the more advanced features still haven't been finalized, as the implications in term of re-development are huge (importer, exporter, script editing, etc...). What I can say for sure is that we're working on it."

Other topics of interest are the two multiplayer modes - "Free mode" and "Campaign mode" - and the so-called "zone levelling" system, which seems like a nice choice for the game:

"There is no world-levelling in Silverfall. What exists, though, is what can be called "zone-levelling", which means there is a levelling but only in a specific area, and with a specific limit. When you begin the game in the swamps, monsters are between level 1 and 3. When you play the game, they become stronger so that you still have some challenge in killing the monsters, but they never go above level 10. So if you come back to this area when you're at a higher level, yes monsters will be level 10, but as you'll be level 40, they won't hurt you and when you kill them in one hit, you gain no XP."

Silverfall is set for release in North America on March 6, and three days later in Europe. Until then, the blog will be used to offer up news about the game, new screenshots, info and more, so - as they urge us - make sure to check back regularly.

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