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I didn't get around to posting a news about this late Friday night, but in case you didn't notice it yet, the Gothic 3 demo version has been available in our downloads section for a few days now. The huge archive is over 1 GB in size, and includes the beginning area of Piranha Byte's role-playing game. In it, you will find the towns of Ardea and Cape Dun, and the Rebel outpost Reddock, with all available quests, weapons, spells and NPCs. There is no time limit in place, so you can play all you want... as long as it lasts.

"At the start of this immense demo, you'll be teared both into the beginning of the game and the exciting world of Myrtana by interacting with the folks and taking care of their troubles in Ardea, Reddock and Kap Dun. Kill the furious beasts of the wilderness, get your first useful and lethal items and step farther into the revealing storyline. In this demo, you'll be facing two of the main factions - the orcs and the rebels. Choose wisely for whom your sword will fight!

On this adventure you get to learn about two of the three main factions in the game; the rebels and the orcs. You then get to choose your mission;

1) Impress the orcs by fighting in the arena

2) Complete several quests for the rebels in their fight against the orcs

3) Have fun!"

The Gothic 3 demo can be found here, the full version has been out in Europe for about a month, and today it's also being released in the US, thanks to Aspyr Media.

Enjoy your hacking, and don't forget about the latest Gothic 3 patches for the game's European version.

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