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Introducing Space Force 2, With Screenshots And Trailer

EVE Online supercomputers aside, there are surely many of you who would rather fly solo in an open-world space game, like in the good old days of Elite. And if, for some reason, you weren't impressed with the likes of X³: Reunion, Space Rangers 2, and most recently Darkstar One, you need not dispair just yet. Judging by these Space Force 2 screenshots and the first trailer we added today on our website, this also seems to be quite a promising space game; too bad there's no set release date yet.

Space Force 2 is developed by the Croation studio Provox, and is molded around the genre's traditional concepts of exploration, diplomacy, trading, fighting and crafting. There will be a total of 10 civilizations in the game, each of them playable, and each of them with its own starting location in different star systems. This should allow for plenty of freedom in exploring this Milky Way galaxy of ours, and potentially plenty of replayability.

Aside from the usual lucrative jobs you can take (such as mining asteroids, transporting goods, or trading with other stations - and even with cargo ships in outer space), you can also choose to pursue more dangerous careers, such as piracy, smuggling or headhunting. And you won't even have to do them alone anymore. In Space Force 2 you will be able to recruit and command up to 3 wingmen (as long as they're friendly with your civilization), which can then be ordered individually to attack, form-up, and be given other various commands.

You can consult the game's website to find out more about its gameplay, AI, and engine features (plenty of fancy terms there!). But let me just say: if Space Force 2 will turn out to play as good as it looks, you can sign me up!

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