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Illinois Must Pay The Video Game Industry Over $500,000

After taking a repeated beating in court for its unconstitutional effort to enact a law banning the sale of violent video games, the state of Illinois is now ordered to pay the video game industry a hefty amount of $510,528 in attorney's fees (plus 64 cents, but they can keep the change). The Entertainment Software Association's victory comes as no surprise and, at this rate, it will be some time before any American state manages to win a fight against the ESA.

Of course, politicians could simply face the fact that crazed kids need more education, not less violence in some videogames they shouldn't even be playing in the first place. But hey, that's not how elections are won. Not to mention Jack Thompson's anti-violent games crusade. Just yesterday night, the ill-famed attorney took part in a heated discussion on G4's "Attack of the Show", regarding violent games in general and Rockstar's Bully in particular. Check Joystiq for details and a video.

Back on topic, Judge Matthew F. Kennelly from the Northern District of Illinois ruled that the $500,000+ be paid to the Entertainment Software Association, Video Software Dealers Association and Illinois Retail Merchants Association, plaintiffs in the lawsuit. Moreover, Illinois Senator Cullerton also warned that this amount "doesn't even count the substantial fees the state will have to pay its own lawyers".

ESA president Douglas Lowenstein added:

"Judge Kennelly's rulings send two irrefutable messages -- not only are efforts to ban the sale of violent video games clearly unconstitutional, they are a waste of taxpayer dollars. The sad fact is that the state of Illinois knew this law was unconstitutional from the beginning. Taxpayers have a right to know that over half a million of their dollars and countless government hours were thrown away in this fruitless effort."

And to top it all off, Bully is still coming, in October. Eat your heart out, Thompson!

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